Meet the Hammer

It’s not just a slingshot. It’s a platform

The Hammer is a slingshot / slingbow platform on which you can create your own slingshot to perform how you desire.
Every Hammer head fits every Hammer handle. Build your own slingshot!

The Handles


The newest member of The Hammer family, the LT handle has ergonomics and portability on its mind. Compatible with all Hammer Platform heads, the LT is perfect for shooters who do NOT want a wrist brace or want pocketability.


The original handle of The Hammer platform, the XT handle is designed for the shooter that needs it all. The XT handle is the preferred handle for shooting arrows or any bands with a heavy draw with its removable wrist brace.
Integrated rail (Picatinny / Weaver compatible) system.

The Heads

LT Slingshot Head

If you are looking for pocketability (a perfect match for the LT handle), the LT slingshot head is for you. Sporting the Ocularis™ banding system, the LT slingshot head has a low profile for leverage, aiming dimples for TTF shooting and universal attachment to both LT and XT handles. 

LT Slingbow Head

The original slingbow head for the Hammer, the LT slingbow head features the Ocularis™ banding system for the simplest band installation. The circular arrow rest is all you need to send arrows down range with authority.
Converts to slingshot mode with just two screw removals.
(XT handle recommended for slingbow mode.)

XT Slingshot Head

The XT head does it all.
FlipClip™ X for easy band swaps (did we mention that they’ll accommodate virtually every band possible?)
Swap between slingshot and slingbow mode with a two-screw conversion.
Wide forktips for OTT or TTF banding. 

XT Slingbow Head

The XT Slingbow head is ready for everything.
FlipCLip™ X band attachments let you attach any band in seconds (with no tools).
The head has integrated tapered holes for single-strand tubes.
Converts back to slingshot mode with just two screw removals.


Available in green and black, all XT and LT parts are completely interchangeable. Purchase the platform parts to build your own slingshot (or slingbow) or check out the bundles available from SimpleShot and save.

“The King Of The Slingbows!”

Posted to SimpleShot by James Hale on Apr 1st 2016

“The hammer is the best slingbow I have used. So far I have shot at least 250 arrows down range. Great control, feels very comfortable while shooting. This will be my new archery bow for this year out hunting!”

“Worth The Money!”

Posted to SimpleShot by David Martin on May 23rd 2016

“Love this slingshot. I would recommend it to anybody.

I like the ability to change setups easily and quickly. Very easy to change bands.

I shoot it every day.”

“The Awesome Hammer!”

Posted to SimpleShot by Ronald on Apr 14th 2016

“I have four Scout slingshots and they are very good slingshots, actually the best slingshots that I ever owned, that is until I purchased the hammer.”

“The most versatile platform on the market today.”

Posted to SimpleShot by Karl on November 11th 2018

“This is perhaps the most versatile platforms on the market today. The options allowed are great for any experience level and the handle is very comfortable.

A great product.”

“Excellent… And Surprisingly Capable.”

Posted to SimpleShot by Robert L on September 24th 2016

“There’s a lot to talk about with this device, and no where near enough space to say it all.
Build quality and construction material is stellar… You can indeed mount very heavy hunting bands in place of the single layer latex it ships with and you can do so in a very short amount of time due to the ocularis mounting system.”

“Just Awesome!”

Posted to SimpleShot by Unknown on Apr 27th 2016

“I’ve been shooting slingshots for about 8 years. This slingshot/slingbow is my new favorite. I’ve used it for about 2 weeks now and it’s my go to for hunting cans to rabbits. Just awesome.”


Posted to SimpleShot by Steven Rueberer on May 7th 2016

“This is my new favourite slingshot/slingbow. It’s comfortable, well thought out, and totally awesome. Thank you so much, you have once again blown my mind.
I love this slingshot so much I am going to buy another one.”

“I love this thing.”

Posted to SimpleShot by Pineaple on January 20th 2019

“It is an awesome built product and I give it 5 stars. I love this thing.

“Easiest Band Change Ever.”

Posted to SimpleShot by Dan on Apr 7th 2016

“The Ocularis system is genius. Never has there been an easier way to change the bands on my slingshot. The system holds fast, is easy to adjust, and is dead simple. This slingshot does it all. Love it!”

“This thing is fun, powerful and accurate!”

Posted to simpleshot by Glen on January 22nd 2019

“This thing is fun, powerful and accurate! Super compact and handy compared to a traditional bow.”

“10 out of 10.”

Posted to SimpleShot by John R. on September 22nd 2016

“I am very happy with the slingshot… I can fit a small torch to the base of the slingshot and don’t have the hassle of a headlamp which is all over the place when one is trying to shoot.

It is what i have been looking for for some time… 10 out of 10.”

“Just Awesome!”

Posted to SimpleShot by Unknown on Apr 5th 2016

I have shot many of the slingbows on the market and this one is tops for compactness, engineering, and performance. I own the Chief AJ, Suvival Slingshot, and SERE slingsot and none of these can compare to the Hammer. This is one awesome slinghot/slingbow.

“I just love this thing to pieces.”

Posted to SimpleShot by Robert A on December 15th 2018

“The most complete system on the market!
This sling bow feels and shoots like a professional weapon. Solid, versatile and accurate. . .

I just love this thing to pieces.”

Meet the designer

Mark Seljan, DLA

Mark is a College Associate Professor at Budapest Metropolitan University, industrial designer, and design manager MA.
Mark has a special interest in designing sporting goods. His fundamental resources come from classical academic studies such as anatomy, sculpting and sketching. Combining these fundamentals with the freedom of digital sculpture and CAD design, he creates next-gen designs for demanding real-life performance. Mark loves designing slingshots for the challenge of merging manual crafts and everyday ergonomics with the requirement of competition-grade precision and performance.

Mark has designed the Torque and Hammer which have both won international design awards.

2016 – The Hammer Slingshot / Slingbow – Hungarian Design Award
2015 – The Torque Slingshot – Hungarian Design Award

Mark was instrumental in taking years worth of our ideas, drawings, and prototypes and putting it all together in a system that doesn’t just work, it excels as a masterpiece of engineering and industrial design.

We could not be more proud to have Mark on Team SimpleShot!

FAQs (Frequently asked questions)

Is the Hammer good for hunting?

Absolutely. In fact, we think (and our customer agree) that the Hammer is the best slingshot for hunting. The Hammer is powerful enough to accomodate hunting bandsets. The Hammer can shoot arrows. The Hammer comes with powerful bandsets standard. And the Hammer allows industry leading band changes with FlipClips or Ocularis.

The Hammer is the best slingshot out there for hunting!

Check out this page for more: Best Hunting Slingshot

Does the Hammer come with flatbands or tubes?

It depends on which bundle you purchase. You can always assemble your own product from the Hammer platform, but the Hammer is available in several preset bundles.
The Hammer bundles include flatbands for projectiles and a tube bandset (with the LT slingbow head) or single strand tubes (with the XT slingbow head) for the slingbow mode.

The Hammer comes with black Ocularis™ plugs for shooting projectiles (with flatbands or tubes) and white plugs for the slingbow. When using any hard-hitting tubes (such as the slingbow tubes supplied in the bundles) always use the white plugs.

Can I hunt with my Hammer slingshot?

 Yes! A slingshot is a capable hunting tool when using proper bands and ammo combined with the shooter’s skill.
This is especially true of The Hammer. Equipped to handle heavy bands and powerful tubes, and equipped to be shot with a wrist brace, The Hammer is an adult slingshot designed for power and speed. With the capacity for powerful bands, the Hammer is one powerful slingshot.

Not all states or provinces recognize the slingshot as a legal method of take, so be sure to check with your local Fish and Game department for details regarding the use of slingshots for hunting.

I have hit my fork. What now?

That is NOT good. This situation is much like hitting the curb with your car. Maybe nothing has happened; maybe your frame is damaged. You MUST inspect the slingshot very carefully before you go on using it. NEVER ignore the fork hit and keep shooting.

What kind of ammo I should use with this slingshot?
Dense balls are best. Any object that is roughly spherical such as marbles, ball bearings, or lead round balls. It should shoot fast and straight. Do not shoot stones.

And, of course, since it’s also a slingbow, The Hammer is suited to shooting arrows in addition to its function as a powerful slingshot.

What safety equipment do I need?

Polycarbonate glasses at a bare minimum and a healthy dose of common sense – treat it like a loaded gun at all times! Know what is behind your target and don’t shoot at anything you don’t intend to destroy.

Again, this is an modern adult slingshot, designed for speed and power. It is suitable for destroying targets and hunting. Please take it seriously.

Is there any maintenance needed for slingshots?

Take care of your slingshot well for years of satisfying use.
• Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for The Hammer Slingshot / Slingbow.
• Inspect the frame, bands, attachments and pouch frequently.
• Keep the bands dry and away from oils and store them out of sunlight and away from electronics.
• Don’t let the frame become damaged, especially the fork and tips.
• If the pouch or bands show signs of wear or weakness, replace them immediately.

How can I make my slingshot more powerful or shoot faster?
The Hammer is one powerful slingshot. It was designed with speed and power in mind. The bands it accepts, the hammer grip and the wrist brace all combine to make it one powerful adult slingshot.

But you have control over the power and speed. Velocity and power are a function of the bands and their ability to quickly retract. You may shorten the factory bands to generate more velocity and power, but pay attention to your ‘active band length’.

What is "active band length" and why is this important?

Active band length is the amount of band located between the attachment on the slingshot forks and the attachment on the pouch. This length helps to determine several things:

  • The percent of elongation. Most bands reach peak performance at around 500% elongation. If you have a thirty inch draw length and your active band length is 6 inches, you have reached 500% elongation. At this point, you are achieving good performance coupled with moderate band life. One could shorten the active band length in this example by one inch, would push the bands to 600% elongation. The result would be more speed but at the expense of shortened band life. Going past 600% elongation does little to incrementally increase speed and drastically reduces band life.
  • As one begins to experiment with other elastics, the active band length can be a good benchmark for assessing the performance of various elastics. As an example, a person may enjoy a given taper in .030″ latex at a given active band length. If they were to use the same taper dimensions with a thicker or thinner material, using the same active band length helps one to assess the performance characteristics/differences in a more meaningful way.

Watch our Active Slingshot Band Length video on YouTube for detailed information on this topic.

What is hand slap or band slap and how can I prevent it?

When shooting a slingshot, hand slap, or band slap is the result of shooting ammo that is too light for a given set of bands. If the bands cannot deliver their full load of energy into the projectile, then there will remain unused energy that must go somewhere. When the projectile is released, the bands continue to travel forward. If the projectile cannot absorb all the energy of the bands, they recoil into the back of the slingshot (right where the hand is). If you are getting band-slap, you are either shooting bands that are too heavy for the given ammo or your ammo is too light for the given bands.

Good news. This is easy to fix and will make your shooting much more fun!

Watch our Slingshot Band Handslap video on YouTube for a detailed video tutorial. You might enjoy the accompanying blooper reel on that one as well. 🙂

How do I ‘aim’ the slingshot / slingbow?

Many shooters simply line up the edge of the band with the target, sighting along the bands length much like a gun barrel. This will get your windage very close with only elevation adjustments needing to be made. Others simply watch the shot and correct for the next, ‘intuitively’ aiming without using specific, conscious aiming points.

The Hammer heads (Xt and LT) both have aiming dimples for aiming when shooting TTF. The dimple creates a recessed area in the band for target placement.

See videos on our YouTube channel.

Where can I get replacement parts?
A full line of replacement and upgrade products for The Hammer Slingbow are available at along with a full lineup of everything slingshots. Enjoy.
Where can I get a replacement owners manual?

You may find your owners manual at

Everything you need for your Hammer experience.

We’ve got you taken care of. We post videos regularly to walk you through your entire slingshot experience.
Tutorials, set-up instructions, shooting tips and tricks and much more. 

A final word. The Hammer is not a toy. It’s a powerful adult slingshot.

Permanently etched into each Hammer is a warning.
We don’t put this warning on our slingshots for looks. We put it there to remind you – every single time you pick it up – to treat it with care. And to treat it for what it is: one of the most powerful slingshots on the market. When you attach powerful bands to this slingshot, it is a force to be reckoned with.

The Hammer is a powerful slingshot for serious slingshot shooters. It is capable of shooting very fast and hard. If banded appropriately, it is one of the best hunting slingshots out there. In fact, it’s perfect for hunting. If you use The Hammer Slingshot for hunting, know your local rules and be extremely careful.

Every Hammer Slingshot / Slingbow comes with an owners manual. Do not shoot your powerful Hammer slingshot until you’ve carefully read and completely understand the entire manual.  If you have a question, don’t hesitate to contact Team SimpleShot.

Have fun. Enjoy the sport. And be careful.

Rail attachment system on the powerful Hammer Slingshot handle
The Hammer Slingbow head: from ammo to arrows in seconds.
The Hammer Slingbow head closeup in black with double bands
The Powerful Hammer Slingbow head in black with wrist brace

The Hammer slingshot/slingbow is the most advanced adult slingshot design on the market.

Now a full platform, The Hammer is the only slingshot on the market truly capable of being all things to everyone.

Capable of being shot with or without a wrist brace, this slingshot/slingbow offers the marksman the opportunity to have one unit to support multiple shooting disciplines. Whether you are an archer or bowhunter looking for the next challenge or enjoy bowfishing, The Hammer has got you covered.

For the slingshot enthusiast, there has never been a more adjustable and stable shooting platform. The hammergrip provides for the strongest and most intuitive of all grips. Combine this with the additional stability afforded by the removable wrist brace and the quick change patent pending Ocularis™ or FlipClip X™ band attachment system, you can go from shooting heavy hunting bands with wrist support to light weight plinking bands with the smaller, more portable LT handle.  The Hammer accepts both flatband and tubular band, all in one hammer grip slingshot platform.

Get yours today at SimpleShot.

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