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Gear Hungry Hammer Slingshot / Slingbow Review
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Hammer Grip Slingshot

If David, slayer of giants and Robin Hood had a love child they would name him Hammer Grip Slingshot, or maybe Gary… Gary’s a nice name. You’d never find the Hammer in the back pocket of a socially dysfunctional pre-adolescent named Dennis. With the ability to fire roundballs with exceptional speed and accuracy and seconds later fire arrows, the Hammer Grip is the ultimate in band propelled precision projectile launching. The Hammer’s patented Ocularis band attachment system allows looped tubes, single tubes, flat bands, or double flat bands to be attached quickly and easily. The exceedingly strong and intuitive glass filled nylon composite grip can be combined with a wrist brace in seconds for precision shots. You can even attach accessories via the integrated Weaver or Picatinny rails. When it’s time to go, just deconstruct and pack up the Hammer into its component parts for storage and transport, no tools, no loose parts.

Photos of The Hammer Slingshot / Slingbow