What is the best hunting slingshot?

Here’s why we believe the Hammer is the best slingshot for hunting.

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Number one:


If a slingshot is going to be used for hunting, it must be powerful, right?

The Hammer Slingbow - Black XT handle and LT head

But what makes a Hunting slingshot powerful?

Glad you asked, because this is actually one of the most misunderstood topics out there concerning the best hunting slingshot . . .

Any slingshot (not just a hunting slingshot) needs to be capable of one thing: support the bands under draw. And that’s it. As long as you can fully draw the bands until release, the slingshot has done its work. We can call it a “hunting slingshot.”

So a powerful hunting slingshot is one that can support powerful bands. It’s that simple.

The slingshot bands are the magic. The power comes from the bands! But the slingshot frame is important because:

  • The frame determines your grip / purchase on the hunting slingshot.
  • The frame allows you to hold the hunting slingshot steady during the shot.

When you have a slingshot that is best for hunting it means these two factors will be solid, allowing accuracy when hunting with powerful bands.

Any slingshot can allow accuracy. A forked stick is all it takes to shoot accurately, but if you want to shoot powerful bands on your slingshot, a very strong, stable grip is particularly helpful when you are hunting with a slingshot!

And if you want to achieve a firm grip (remember, this allows power) when you are slingshot hunting . . .


the strongest slingshot grip of all is the hammer grip!


Powerful grip for hunting with slingshots! The Wrist brace and hammer grip mean power!
The Hammer hunting slingshot allows a strong grip with the wrist brace for strength and support


It is called the hammer grip because it’s the grip you use when you hold a hammer. It’s the most intuitive slingshot hold and it’s STRONG! So when you combine this balanced, ergonomic hammer slingshot handle with the integrated (and foldable) wrist brace, you have the strongest frame possible for a hunting slingshot!

And that means you can band up your slingshot with the strong slingshot hunting bands!


The Hammer is an incredibly powerful frame for slingshot hunting.

Capable of supporting even the strongest hunting bandsets, the Hammer frame is perfect for slingshot hunting.

When deciding what is the Best Slingshot for hunting, consider this.

Shoot arrows with the Hammer Slingbow - the best hunting slingshot

Slingshot or Slingbow?

With the hammer, You choose.

When choosing the best hunting slingshot, consider if you’d like to shoot arrows. Shooting arrows from your slingshot (making it a slingbow), increases the potency of your slingshot. Introducing a penetrating broadhead into the system adds a lethal aspect not available in a standard slingshot.

With the Hammer, switching from slingshot to slingbow and back to slingshot is a breeze. Just swap heads or convert one head if you like. 

The Hammer XT handle Slingbow platform is perfect for for shooting arrows!